Driving In Austria

This page provides the basic rules of the road for driving in Austria.

Telephone Numbers
Emergency Services:







You can also use the European standard emergency services number 112.

Speed Limits
Speed limits in Austria are measured in KPH (Kilometres per Hour).  Speed limits are likely to fluctuate from place to place so ensure you check signs when driving.



Open roads


Urban areas


* A speed limit of 110kph (68mph) applies on some motorways at night.

Toll Information
The word for toll is Mautstelle. To use expressways other than the A13 Brenner, A9 Pyhrn, A10 Tauren, and S16 Arlberg Tunnel you must purchase and display a tax disc (vignette) on your vehicle. To use those expressways listed you simply pay a toll, although the disc entitles you to a 15 percent discount. Choose from 10-day, 2-month and annual tax discs.

The penalty for not displaying a disc is €120 for cars and €65 for motorcycles. They are sold at border crossings, fuel stations and post offices. For further details and toll fees please visit: http://cms.austria.info/

General Tips and Road Information
Driving through mountainous areas in Austria can be spectacular but be careful in the winter months as roads can be icy and/or blocked with snow.  Traffic is usually fairly mild but can be heavy if crossing the border towards Hungary, Slovakia or the Czech Republic.  Car use is sometimes restricted when air pollution is high.
Passing on the right is allowed only on one-way streets or when passing trams or when passing a vehicle that is indicating a left turn. You are not allowed to cross a solid yellow centre line. Give warning of your approach by flashing your lights.

Police are empowered to collect fines of up to €36 on the spot. The officer must issue an official receipt. You'll have two weeks to pay. You can request to bring the case before a court instead, but you may be asked to make a security deposit.

Unfortunately we currently have no information available on Austrian road signs.  Road signs within Europe follow similar patterns and we advise you refer to the road signs used in Germany as a rough guide.


Minimum driver age:
The minimum driving age in Austria is 18.

Non Europeans must carry an International Driving Permit.

Required equipment for your car:
You must carry a warning triangle in your vehicle though this does not apply to motorcyclists. All drivers must carry a first aid kit in or on their vehicle. Snow chains must be used in mountainous areas during winter.

Headlights must be on at all times in built-up areas. Parking lights are not necessary if your vehicle is visible from at least 50 metres away.

Seatbelts are compulsory in both the front and rear seats.

Car Horns:
Horns cannot be used in Vienna and are prohibited elsewhere as indicated by signs.

Children in the front seat:
Children must be at least 12 years old to sit in the front passenger seat unless you use a child seat or they are over 1.5 metres tall.

Motorcycles must be operated with headlights on-night and day and helmets are compulsory for the motorcyclist and any passengers.

Useful Links and Further Information
If you are renting a car in Austria we recommend booking in advance with Hertz Car Hire.